The specimen carp lake is a 2 acre lake.with depths up to 16ft in some spots but mainly 6-10ft. The features in this lake consit of rushs, islands, silt, weed(in summer), snags and bays. The size of the fish vary from 10lb to 30lb. The average size in this lake is 17lb. with a mix of mirrors and common, no bream. The pb is 33lb caught in 2012 may. Day and night fishing is avalable on this lake. The lake has recently been stocked with 4 new 20s and will soon be getting stocked with more, there are around 15 known 20s and two 30s. 

There are numerous fish tipping the scales at around the 18-19lb mark which means there could be many more carp pushing through into the 20s very soon.


  • Barbless hook
  • No open fires and BBQs
  • No rubbish to be left in the swim (bins provided by the shop)
  • No nut baits
  • No oily baits like halibut pellet in winter
  • No Changing of swims (removing rushes, trees)
  • Safe rigs only (no fixed leads)

Not following by these rules will lead to warning then banning of fishing.

At least 36inch net

A properly padded metre long pad at least.

Clean net and matt before use


 We suggest you use a quality bait like cell or activ-8 from mainline they have both caught loads of fish on the lake, around 2-3kg of boilie should be enough (there is a shop onsite that provides bait if needed). Marginal fishing is a great tip for this lake. Using high vis popups work really well.