This 2.5 acre lake has depths of 4-16 ft, the features are silt spots, snags, trees, islands, lily pads. the fish vary from 5 0z to 20lb, the fish vareties are roach, rudd, carp, tench, orph, bream, crucian, eels, koi, gudgen, perch. this is a relitivly easy lake but there is effort still needed to catch fish.



Barbless hooks

No open fires and bbqs

No rubbish to be left in the swim (bins provided by the shop)

No nut baits

No oily baits like halibut pellet in winter

No Changing of swims (removing rushes, trees)

Safe rigs only (no fixed leads)

Not following by these rules will lead to warning then banning of fishing

At least 36inch net

A properly padded metre long pad at least.

Clean net and matt before use


 Bait- naturals like maggot, pellet, boilie. bread, groundbait

loaction- pads and margins

Methods- float fishing, method feeder, floater fishing